Frequently Asked Questions

Below, you'll find answers to some of the most frequently asked questions asked about the shows. Simply click on the question to reveal the answer. If what you want to know isn't covered here, get in touch.

What are the shows?

We remember events that we attend and talk about the fun things we do on weekends, such as going to the theatre, attending concerts, or even watching entertaining TV programmes. Our literacy shows take all of those memory triggers and combine them into an interactive literacy lesson.

Each show follows the same successful format of explanation, example, quiz, song and sketch to ensure pupils' attention is focused throughout. They are approximately an hour long to ensure a focused impact.

How are they beneficial to schools?

Not every lesson can be fun, but the most memorable (and effective) lessons do tend to be. The shows give pupils a positive association with literacy. We have the equipment to really make the experience larger than life and the event will be talked about.

Your pupils will remember the songs, whether they want to or not. Entire schools have been talking about the shows long after our departure. The shows aren't designed to replace the work that teachers do; they're designed to enhance it.

How many pupils can we include

Numbers are limited only by the space you have available. The shows are interactive and will require access to as many pupils as possible, so a row down the middle is important and down either side would be desirable. If in doubt, get in touch to discuss.

Are the shows targeted towards a specific year group?

The shows were written with KS2/3 in mind, but you can find testimonials from all age groups from EYFS to staff CPD. Punctuation and grammar don't really change.

What's the cost?

Finance departments prefer figures to be as accurate as possible, so rather than give a ball park figure, it's better to give you a fixed price that includes travel expenses. The only speculative element to price would be if overnight accommodation is needed, but that will be more Premier Inn than Hilton!

Get in touch for a quote - it might be better value than you think. Please include your location.
Thank you for today – absolutely wonderful. I would recommend to anyone.
Susan Bartlett Fleetwood Cluster
Thanks for today, you have certainly got the students talking about punctuation which is great!
Stuart Aldridge North Durham Academy
Two energetic and lively shows in one day - great entertainment and learning through active participation and song
S Pope Woolmer Hill Surrey
'Barrie and his shows come with much to live up to but he does not disappoint.  More than 100 of our students aged 11-16 were kept entertained and educated for more than one hour.  Inspirational indeed!'
Garrett O’Doherty Coleraine College, Northern Ireland

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